Identity & Access Management for Applications

Secure your applications and enable the right individuals to access the right resources. This service helps you to:

  • Reduce application development and operating costs
  • Meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Reduce risk and enhance KP’s security posture

Who can request this service?

Application owners or project teams who need support for the following:

  • Setting up access provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Managing and confirming user privileges within the KP environment
  • Validating the proper level of access per application, server, or granted rights
  • HR authorization for applications accessing non-IAM managed systems

Getting Started

You have two ways to request these services:

Access Administration

Services that implement, modify and revoke user access to systems and applications.

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Access Enforcement

Services that provide “real time” access control and data protections to KP resources.

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Access Governance

Services related to monitoring user accounts and access to KP resources.

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Identity Data Services

Services that provide a centralized, consolidated source of data for KP workforce information.

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